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I share information for women who want fun and relevant information on health, wellness and local spots.
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I've been through a major health crisis and heartbreaking loss. I've gained a perspective and learned enough that I want to share it with you! Because just maybe it's relevant in your life as well.

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Kind words

Christine was amazing! We had just the right combination of challenge and relaxation.
Anna W.

Once you meet her, your life will have been touched and changed for the better. She always teaches and speaks from the heart, with a combination of honesty, humour and intelligence. A rare gift.

She is a model of compassion, care and grace, and is a fierce lover of people and their potential. On her watch, you will not let yourself down.

Her presentation delivery style is succinct yet personal and she can always be counted on for having infectious energy! She is a treasure.
Karla, Cancer Chic

How will you be in your life?

Who’s Christine Francoeur?

The easy answers…Yoga Teacher. Wife.  Mama. Writer.  But who I am?  Well, that’s work in progress and I remain optimistic.

Let’s start with what changed things.  Breast cancer – 12 years ago.  It snapped me into a completely different reality.  Who gets cancer in their 30’s? There’s a actually a lot of us, and I was one of them. Coming home from the doctor’s office, I remember staring at my goldfish Ken and thinking that little sucker might outlive me.  But talk to most cancer thrivers and we’ll tell you it changed us for the better. The gift of cancer.  During my treatments that would never have occurred to me, but now I see all the great decisions I made as a result.

I’ll back up a bit.  I had a fantastic career in Marketing and Advertising working with some of the biggest brands in Canada  – Coca-Cola, AIR MILES, Safeway, Shell…you get the idea.   It was a dream come true, but waking up each day with a dull, physical ache in my chest, eventually tipped me off.  So yep, I decided to quit.  I  gave up the dream that  “I should have it all” and still be healthy and thrive.  I pushed myself into a corporate role that wasn’t me. I couldn’t do it any more and my health paid the price.   A pretty big clue that I wasn’t following my heart.

Christine Francoeur 2

I wanted to keep all the things I loved about my careeer – connecting with amazing people and being creative in a healthy way. And so I started with what I wanted most.  No more shoulda’s, coulda’s, wished I woulda.

I had a beautiful baby girl.

I manage an amazing yoga studio.

I completed a 200 registered yoga teacher training.

I’ve hosted multiple workshops for young women with cancer and shared my story.

I write about what I love.

I can say with complete joy this is where I want to be in my life.   My version of having it all.   And even as I type this, I’d much rather back space it all out.  I know what it’s like to have the other shoe drop.  Feeling like I’m tempting fate to take it away again and remind me how fragile it all is with just one phone call.  But I want you to know it is possible….with a whole lot of commitment and devotion.

La Familia

I did not do it alone.

I’m deeply proud of all I’ve done to get here.  Cause seriously, it didn’t happen easily,  This is the shortened version.  I had support – plenty of it.  An amazing husband who kept telling me over and over to just do it.  His love for me pushed me forward so many times.  I also worked with an amazing friend and big-hearted coach Tanya Geisler  who believed in me and refused to let my imposter complex win.  And my dear friends who knew it all along and kept asking me what I was waiting for.

And now, I want to share with you some of the great things I’ve discovered.  Don’t  miss any of the articles and sign up for my newsletter below.  Let’s get to know each other.  The best place we can do that is in blog comments.  Or you can always comes to one of my yoga classes!

Mostly, thanks for being here.  And for being beautiful you.

With love and more love.


p.s. My favourite social media?  I love Instagram.  Stop by.

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