Yoga Teacher. Workshop leader. Writer. Speaker. It's what I love.

I share information for women who want fun and relevant information on health, wellness and local spots.
Yoga (Had me at Namaste.)
YYC (We really do have it all.)
Good Eats (Extra cheese please!)
Beauty (Say no to chemicals.)
Thriving (Cancer sucks.)
Meditation (Just sit and do it.)
Books (Tara Brach, Elizabeth Gilbert)

I've been through a major health crisis and heartbreaking loss. I've gained a perspective and learned enough that I want to share it with you! Because just maybe it's relevant in your life as well.

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Kind words

Christine was amazing! We had just the right combination of challenge and relaxation.
Anna W.

Once you meet her, your life will have been touched and changed for the better. She always teaches and speaks from the heart, with a combination of honesty, humour and intelligence. A rare gift.

She is a model of compassion, care and grace, and is a fierce lover of people and their potential. On her watch, you will not let yourself down.

Her presentation delivery style is succinct yet personal and she can always be counted on for having infectious energy! She is a treasure.
Karla, Cancer Chic

How will you be in your life?

The Guilt of Surviving

This woman changed my life.   And my gratitude for her is endless.

Tanya Smile 2

It’s interesting what happens after a cancer diagnosis. For some, they finish their treatments and move on. For others, it’s devastating, causing major shifts. Changes in what they do, how they eat, how they live and even who they love.

For me, I was a bit of both.   After my treatments were done, it felt like Christmas day, every day. I was buoyed up by the intensity of a second chance. The gift of cancer was that I was truly appreciating my life. All the clichés applied and I wanted to live every day like it was my last.

Did it last? Not even close.

Predictability came back. Old patterns crept in. Then I became a mother and it all changed again.

During this time, I was volunteering with amazing local charities that support young women with cancer. I met courageous and brilliant women. But my heart broke every time one of them left us.

It would leave me constantly wondering what was I doing with my life? Yes, a wife and mother. But I also needed somewhere to put my attention outside of family.  I just wasn’t listening to what fed my heart and soul.

I wanted to honour those women who left us but also myself by making choices that left me with no regrets. I didn’t need motivational rhetoric to remind me of this, I needed to live knowing it was true.

Then along came Tanya Geisler.

It was incredibly difficult to admit that I was stuck.  Sitting in the safety of my status quo.  I’ve always known deep down what I wanted to do, yet I wasn’t.  And I had plenty of reasons as to why not.

Tanya listened to me and she cried my tears. She held all my fears and uncertainties and showed me the way. She helped me step onto the path I had known all along. Yoga.  Teaching. Coaching. Writing.   All with my heart wide open.

Tanya is absolutely committed to delivering on her own life’s calling.  As a Leadership Coach and TEDx speaker, she has taught hundreds of women how to step in and live fully.

I really want this for you too. A life with no regrets.  Visit her website for more info:

With much love,




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