Hi, I'm Christine!

Connecting with people! I love it. Working with a client to discover what makes her heart sing. Leading a yoga class as we reach for the sky and then let it all go. Nothing better.

That's how I spend some of my days. Plus, here's a few more ways I find connection:

- Speaking at a workshop
- Collaborating
- Creating
- Writing

And that’s what is happening here. I hope these articles inspire you to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Because that's when anything is possible!


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Kind words

One of the best listeners I know. She will listen, then cultivate change through an honesty and candour that challenges in a comfortable way. Andrea

Her presentation delivery style is succinct yet personal and she can always be counted on for having infectious energy! She is a treasure. Karla, Cancer Chic

She is a model of compassion, care and grace, and is a fierce lover of people and their potential. On her watch, you will not let yourself down. Tanya

Her spirit and inner light draw people to her. Christine's passion for helping others on their own journey will motivate her to always recognize herself as a learner. Suzette

Once you meet her, your life will have been touched and changed for the better. She always speaks from the heart, with an honesty and intelligence that is a rare gift. Tara

She's one of those rare people who will tell you the real deal in a palatable way. Jody

How will you be in your life?




We each have our own unique
answer to how we want to be in our

Here you will find thought starters, ideas and wisdom
to help deepen and expand what that means for you!
Each article will explore ways to discover more
inspiration and joy, plus suggestions for
a mindful & healthy life.

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